Frequently Asked Questions

By March 7, 2016Blog

Have questions about Fort Worth Stockyards preservation? We’re here to help. We want to ensure you have accurate information about what’s happening in this historic district. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t below, reach out to us here. We’d love to hear from you!


“Do you own all of the Fort Worth Stockyards?”

No. In fact, we own less than 10% of the approximate 90 buildings in the Stockyards. Staples like the historic Stockyards sign and the Stockyards Coliseum and the Livestock Exchange Building are not included in our plans.

“Did you really obtain 23 demolition permits to destroy historic structures?”

The 23 demolition permits granted are not to destroy historic structures. The permits are for small structures, deemed unsafe and unsalvageable. Many were constructed in recent years with non-period materials, have no or diminished historical significance. Not a single historic salvageable structure is being demolished.

“Does Majestic Realty have any roots in Fort Worth?”

There’s been a relationship between Majestic owner, Ed Roski and the Hickman family since 1997. Holt Hickman personally enlisted the support of Majestic Realty to help fund his vision for the Stockyards. Our team is 100% committed to honoring his legacy. Our main office is in California, but we’ve had roots in Texas for decades now, with offices in both North Texas and Fort Worth. Our Fort Worth office is led by a native Texan and TCU grad and employs many exceptional professionals from Texas. Our lead architect is also a Fort Worth local.

“Are you planning on building chain stores in the Stockyards?”

Big box stores and drive-thru restaurants are not included in our plans. We have two perfect partners that have already expressed signed letters of interest for coming to the Stockyards – American Paint Horse Association and Saddleback Leather Company. We think you’ll agree that each of these western businesses would make great new neighbors.

“Are you planning to make the Fort Worth Stockyards ‘Disney-like’”?

No. This was unfortunately taken out of context. One of our team members compared the memories you have after visiting the Stockyards to the memories you have after visiting special places like Disneyland. It was meant as a compliment to the Stockyards. We think you’ll agree, no place does a better job to immerse you into an experience that creates lasting memories.

“Are you tearing down the Horse and Mule Barns?”

No. In fact our first action when we began our preservation efforts was to request designation of the Horse and Mule Barns as historically significant endangered (HSE). This was accomplished in October of 2015. After digitally scanning every square inch and commissioning detailed engineering reports, it’s obvious both barns need significant attention to be preserved. We are committed to doing just that.

“How much planning has gone into this project?”

Years in the making, this project first began when Holt Hickman personally enlisted help from our owner, Ed Roski. We’ve spent several million dollars on infrastructure, financial analysis and projections over the course of 18 months before development was even approved. We have already begun work restoring the Horse and Mule Barns and are excited for what’s to come. For news and updates regarding the Fort Worth Stockyards, be sure to follow us on Facebook and visit us on the web